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Depending on your needs...we provide you with holistic rehabilitation.
Specific Care
Our programs are tailored for your health needs and expectations.
We embraces concept of convenience & accessability
Aimed at preventing exclusion while providing the support required


At ability therapy place we emphasize on provision of physiotherapy evidence based practice into patient centered care through assessment, treatment, evaluation and promotion of health that is effective, efficient…

Occupational Therapy

At ability place we provide high quality occupational therapy aimed at making persons achieve success in their life occupations through habilitation and rehabilitation…

Speech Therapy

At ability place we provide treatment, support, evaluation and optimized care for children and adult having communication, cognition, voice, language, eating and swallowing disorders.

Prosthetic & Orthotic

At ability we specialize to provide affordable, effective and quality artificial limbs (prostheses) for the amputee as well as supportive devices (orthotics) for people with weakness & disorders.

A little about us...

Ability Therapy Place is an innovative healthcare company providing services in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Prosthetic and Orthotic, and sell of Rehab Aids and Equipment. we also have specialized clinics in Paediatric Neurodevelopmental clinic, Hand and Upper Limb Clinic, Neuro-Rehab Clinic, Sports Clinic and Back Pain Management Clinic. We provide comprehensive patient assessment and evaluation, create a working hypothesis, treatment plans, design outcome tool measures and provide maintenance treatment regimes that maximize on functional independence. These services are conveniently facilitated using our state of the art facilities that affords you privacy, modern equipment and qualified personnel.

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What our happy client said about us…

“You have a difficult job, but a rewarding one. We hope that we have been able in some small way to express what an important task you have in restoring health and mobility to grateful people like us, who come under your care for a brief time and find the rest of their lives improved because of it.”

Managing Director | Coca-Cola Kenya
We at ATP strives to provide a high standard services
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