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Ability Therapy Place Office

Ability therapy place is an integrated rehabilitative healthcare facility that brings together physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitative allied specialists with unique stories devoted to provision of superior, quality, excellence, safety and passionate services in restoring health and function.

We provide comprehensive patient assessment and evaluation, create a working hypothesis, treatment plans, design outcome tool measures and provide maintenance treatment regimes that maximize on functional independence. These services are conveniently facilitated using our state of the art facilities that afford you privacy, modern equipment and qualified personnel.

We are concerned of what makes us better, makes you better hence we have invested in the ultimate place to be when you are at your worst for ground-breaking experience in health by providing a one stop place, all round rehabilitation services with an intent to mitigate disability in its different nature: physically, mentally, cognitively and socially. We aspire not only to able those who are affected but also to take a leadership responsibility role to educate the society at home, cooperate world within their environment to embrace healthy lifestyle in order to promote productivity and health.

Enrich your life with solutions provided by our team of experienced professionals who provide exceptional rehabilitation programs informed by a multidisciplinary team approach. Working in concert with perspectives from other experts, these efforts are laser-focused towards assisting you to improve and maintain functional independence.

Main Service Area

At ability therapy place we emphasize on provision of physiotherapy evidence based practice into patient centered care through assessment, treatment, evaluation and promotion of health that is effective, efficient and affordable delivered by qualified physiotherapist professionals.

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Prosthetic & Orthotic

To be recognized as a world class health and rehabilitation institution that compassionately enhances quality of life and productivity for people experiencing disabilities.

We at ATP strives to provide a high standard services
Values & Culture
  • Quality services
  • Accessibility
  • Human dignity
  • Expertise
  • Compassion
  • Innovation
Company Objective
  • To create a platform for the persons and their families to access rehabilitation and support services for the affected, recovering and those living with disabilities.
  • To create awareness of healthy lifestyles with an agenda to mitigate environmentally precipitated disabilities.
  • To provide rehabilitative aids, toys, equipment, prosthetics and orthotics
  • Advocacy for disability matters
  • To equip the disabled for integration into the society                
  • To provide curative, preventive and investigative medical care
We are committed to providing excellence and highest quality of care with best possible outcomes.