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October 23, 2017

ATP to have a hydrotherapy pool for neural rehabilitation.

It is designed for therapeutic use with air and water temperature controls kept at a comfortable 31-34 degrees Celsius. With an even depth of approximately 4 feet, access and exit is facilitated by a set of steps with guardrails. It is equipped with water jets to create whirlpool effects. There will always be a therapist working with you in the pool or instructing you from the sidelines. The water is constantly filtered and chlorine concentrations maintained at optimal levels.

The pool has wheelchair accessible changing rooms with locked areas for personal items and valuables. Patient assessments will be carried out by our specialists and clients expected to complete a medical questionnaire on safety in this unique environment before therapy is approved and begins. The assessment also serves to establish your needs and the objectives of the treatment. Working with a therapist, sessions will last between 15 and 45 minutes and include a variety of activities including stretching and strengthening exercises, water walking and running among others


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