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Ability Engagement Model


Depending on your needs, our professionals often work as a team combining their expertise in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech & Language therapy, Prosthetic Orthotics and Nutrition to provide clients with holistic rehabilitation.

Environmentally Personalized

We embraces the concept of convenience by bringing services to your doorstep. So as to allow an individual maneuver through their environment as opposed to getting the same services in an acute hospital setup. Our engagement model with you commences at the assessment and evaluation phase aimed at providing a program focused on functional independence.

Patient Specific Care

People from different communities, countries, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are all living among our environment thus we craft a specific program to suite a tailored program for their health needs and expectations.

Support for the Affected

We address the needs in an holistic approach since the families/community/society in which our clients are placed get afflicted by the limitations imposed by the ailment/disability thus we are in the forefront to provide services are aimed at preventing exclusion as well as providing the support required for optimum recovery.

We interact with leading medical practitioners from different disciplines, serve medical insurance companies and corporate entities. Ability Therapy Place enjoys an enviable track record of providing quality health and customer care. Our aim is to restore health and function, enable self-reliance, empower you to deliver on your career aspirations satisfactorily and age in style!